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Dating a friend bad idea

Dating a friend bad idea

Also, the flip side of that is that you may not want the person you're dating to know the details your best friend knows. Granted, you'll get to see another dating a friend bad idea of your best friend, like how they are as a partner, but there's still so much that's already been discovered and it's that fact that's worth considering. But, in addition to knowing that we've created one hell of a mess, I also know that our compatibility as partners versus our compatibility as friends are in completely different stratospheres.

However, sometimes when you start dating your best friend, you assume the friendship compatibility will automatically cross over to the partner compatibility, but that's not always the dating a friend bad idea — if ever the case. Basically, you think you're getting the real deal, but you just might be getting what your best friend wants you to see in the moment.

It's going to be really awkward to confide in your now-partner about all the things you'd confide in a best friend. Definitely not your best friend, because they're no longer just your best friend!

Dating A Friends Ex [Good or Bad Idea]

And sometimes, that's a great thing. "Dating a good friend is often a good idea," relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein, LCSW tells Bustle. “However, dating a friend can also lead to true love, so it is always a good idea to give it a try if you believe it will lead to something great.”.

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