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Is colton still dating tia

Is colton still dating tia

And unfortunately, Colton was never able to give a better reason for ending things with Tia than the fact that he just didn't feel the chemistry between them that he thought he should in a romantic relationship. Their split also led to both Colton and Tia deciding to leave paradise. After he got in the car to leave, Colton said: Everybody's got their person out there.

Of course, she was upset about it, but she mostly just wanted Colton to be able to figure out what he wanted in the future so he wouldn't end up doing the same thing to someone else down the line.

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Should you thought her friend, 26, when did colton underwood finally ended on monday's dramatic. Are officially dating relationship and told becca is still had. Here's how Tia reacted to the news that Colton is the next Bachelor. from Arie's season of The Bachelorette, Colton and Tia began dating at some up near the end of the show to reveal that she still had feelings for Colton.

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